I offer voice healing sessions during which you can slowly unlock your voice and get in touch with it again.

You will learn how it works and start using it more effectively.

You will also learn how to breathe which is important part of voice suport.

Breath techniques will also help you to relax, and open your body and mind.

Breath is a crucial part of our being and you will do breathing exercises and breath meditations to release tension and start trusting yourself and your voice.

Gradually you will be encouraged to use your voice slowly with sung exercises.

There are many benefits of singing including reduction of stress, workout for muscles in the pelvis, stomach, chest, neck which brings relaxation to the whole body. It also encourages deep breathing, increased circulation and a “feel good” vibe in the body, due to endorphins released into the blood.

Research also shows that singing can help stroke patients and people with speech problems to articulate and speak again. Often when someone has a stroke they damage the left side of the brain, responsible for speech.

However singing uses the right side of the brain and this can help the person communicate again by reactivating vocal muscles.