Karolina’s another passion in life is healthy food and lifestyle.

She is aware of the importance of nutritious food which is a fundemantal part of our wellbeing.

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are major factors in promoting and maintaining good health throughout your life.

Her story starts when she was a 11 years old.
Karolina was very often ill as a child, suffered from bronchitis, asthma and allergies. After many years of antibiotis her mother started looking for help in alternative methods. She tried all sorts of things even hypnotherapy. Finally she met bioenergy therapist who was helping daughter to recover. However bioenergy therapy helped her only for a short period of time. She then introduced her to Herbalife products.
Karolina’s mother gave it a try and.. slowly but surely Karolina started getting better.
She got stronger and got rid of all stubborn diseases and also felt more energy in general.
Her mother was so happy and inspired, soon she became Herbalife distributor and now she is running a succeful business and helping many people to regain their health and a good weight.

Herbalife products are part of Karolina’s everyday healthy diet and her body is now in balance and it works properly.
Whenever she feel poorly Herbalife products help her recover quicker than she ever thought it was possible before.
Also Herbalife helped her to shapethe body and loose a few kilos when she put on a weight a few years ago.

Send Karolina a message if you’d like to try Herbalife products for yourself or your friends, family.

It’s best investment in your health.