healing instruments


In my sound sessions I use different healing intruments (drum, bells shakers, rainsticks, tingshas, wind chimes and my voice) but the main part of the session are Tibetan Bowls.

Those beautiful, healing intruments are perfect for stress relief, muscle tension, pain, insomnia and other physcial inssuse, as well as deep mental and emotional relaxation. You can experienced whole body mind soul benefit – truly holistic experience.

The origins of Tibetan Singing Bowls are mostly unknown, however they have been traced back to the Bon tradition in Tibet, preceding the Buddhist religion. They sound like bells when struck and produce a individual lasting tones of varying pitch, depending on the size of the bowl, hence the name “Singing” bowls. Tibetan Bowls traditionally used for Buddhist prayer, are now played all around the world during meditation and relaxation, are used to enhance health and well-being. They are also used in Yoga, concert performances and personal relaxation at home.


The vibratory rate of our heart and respiratory system is restored or entrained by the resonance and vibration of the bowls on or near our body, which stops the nervous system releasing stress  hormones. In this state pain can be relieved.

Entrainment is when two vibratory rates start to resonate together at the same frequency. 

We can understand this in simple terms.

For example, you listen to a piece of relaxing music to unwind from a stressful day, after a short while your mind “entrains” to the vibration and frequency of the music resulting in you feeling calmer and forgetting the negative experiences of your day.