about sound healing


“Sound has the power to re-pattern and balance the vibration of your body, mind, and soul.”

If every sound is vibration and if the vibration touches each and every cell of our body, we can understand that we don’t perceive sound only with the ears, but with cell in our body.

Sound  session is a deeply relaxing experience. If you have any specific intention you wish to focus on during the session (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) you can set this at the beginning of the session and trust that healing vibration will reach the most needed areas in your body and unblock all stuck energy. Intention + Sound = Healing.

Stress reduction is one of the most important results of receiving sound therapy. Stress is the underlying cause of many physical conditions and it melts away with ease when you are bathed in a sea of sound healing vibrations.


Sound Meditation is often more effective than just meditation alone, as your brain patterns are gently entrained to the sound waves and rhythms of the instruments, helping you to relax more quickly and deeply, overcoming hurdles such as constant mind chatter, which keeps you in a stressful state.

Sound Therapy is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical diseases and when we heal our emotional bodies, the physical symptoms disappear. Sound and emotions are deeply connected. Human emotions have their immediate expression through sound, and it is often the repression of the sound of the emotions that creates emotional blockages. Conversely, sound can be used to unlock the blocked emotions and release them with ease and grace.

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Some benefits of Sound Therapy: